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July 2016

Birthday Wishes


First, happy birthday.

How do I say thank you for your friendship? If I had to believe in fate, it would be because you and I met at a place I almost didn’t go to and I read a piece I was almost too afraid to write, because you were brave enough to say hello and I wasn’t so stupid as to leave without knowing you. Since then, we’ve talked nearly every day. You are a fundamental part of my life, and I love you.

I wanted to do something silly but thoughtful for you, so I decided to do a slideshow of things that remind me of you.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

(Hint: there’s 18 things)

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Jet Black Summer Night and “Golden”


Jet Black Alley Cat, despite having only a few officially released songs, has gained quite the following in the last two years. They’ve done consistent touring on this side of the United States, including Nashville Warped Tour in 2014, but this time, they decided to change things up. The Jet Black Summer Night (July 9th) was advertised as an intimate show for the longtime fans of the band, the venue being a small brewery in Nashville. Only 50 tickets were originally sold, which was later expanded to 60. Whether or not it was a small show, I would have gone, but the idea of a purposefully small show was really interesting. Continue reading “Jet Black Summer Night and “Golden””

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