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September 2016

On Writing

Or, knowing you want to write from a young age

Yesterday, I went and saw Aimee Nezhukumatathil speak at my college, and she told a story about reading a prose poem that changed her life, and helped her decide she wanted to be an English major, not a Chemistry major, in her junior year of college.

Something about these kinds of stories are inspiring, but inevitably alien to me. My decision to be a writer (or rather, my lack of decision) seems less miraculous and destined. I’ve been writing since I was very young, I’ve been an avid reader since before that. Something about the idea that I could have legitimately been anything else is off-putting. I realize that I’ve always wanted this, even when I thought I wanted something else. My favorite book, Inkheart is literally a fantasy about the power of words and stories. There was never a moment where I thought, “This is something I could do.” It was something that, for much of my earlier life, I simply did.

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Multimedia thoughts

I’ve been procrastinating on a lot of articles that aren’t exactly relevant now, but I still wanted to dole out some thoughts on the subjects.


Closer” by The Chainsmokers ft. Halsey

What got me the most about this song (other than having Halsey in it) was that it had a lot of detail that created a specific environment for the song to thrive in. Choosing Halsey was a great decision, because I feel like she really embodies the tone of the song, the picture of travelling across the country and living moment to moment. I also enjoyed the background snapping. Continue reading “Multimedia thoughts”

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