So, big news! (Old news for some of you.) Alex and I are in our own house! After two years of being together we got everything in order and are currently on our own. We knew it was going to be a difficult transition, but I didn’t expect such a chaotic week.

  • Thursday – Our friend Deanna helps us move our essentials in, and we sleep in the house for the first time


  • Saturday – I spend four hours getting my hair done by a very gracious and awesome friend. Then I go see other friends play roller derby (some of the players are freshmeat with me. We win.) Then other friends come over and we play truth or dare, which results in toothpaste all over my face. Allergies are acting up, but I don’t think anything of it.
  • Sunday – I lock my keys in my car while in the Kroger parking lot. It takes an hour and twenty minutes for the mechanic to get there. Chocolate chips melt, but everything is okay.
  • Monday – Labor day, I am officially sick. Sneezing on everything, coughing until my voice now belongs to a twenty yearlong smoker or a cis male, maybe both.
  • Monday morning – Alex loses his key. His grandmother brings the spare to him, only to find the original on the ground outside
  • Monday afternoon – I go to the library because I’ve forgotten homework, only to realize that of course it is closed. I do part of my homework in the heat while Alex is at Walmart, until he returns and I can’t deal with my half a dozen new bug bites.
  • Tuesday – We get internet, which is a really big deal
  • Also Tuesday– I start freaking out because I can’t finish any of my work while I’m sick, so Alex goes and buys me Wendy’s, bubble bath soap and Epsom salt so I can relax for a little. I am convinced that he is the best person in the universe
  • Wednesday – I go to school (but not to class) and Alex stays home because he’s now getting sick


  • Friday – I get home around six and am very, very, tired. I fall asleep (unintentionally) and wake up two hours later to find that Alex has made me dinner. Best boyfriend award goes to…

It’s been one week so far, and honestly, a few bullet points aren’t enough to explain how different this has been for us, but we’re going strong and trying our best.

I’m excited for this adventure!


Edit: So Alex and I actually moved back with the turn of the year to save money and make some life changes, but it WAS quite the experience.