I’ve been procrastinating on a lot of articles that aren’t exactly relevant now, but I still wanted to dole out some thoughts on the subjects.


Closer” by The Chainsmokers ft. Halsey

What got me the most about this song (other than having Halsey in it) was that it had a lot of detail that created a specific environment for the song to thrive in. Choosing Halsey was a great decision, because I feel like she really embodies the tone of the song, the picture of travelling across the country and living moment to moment. I also enjoyed the background snapping.

“True Colors” by Zedd ft. Kesha

The first time I heard this song I was stunned. It sounds so different than the ‘old’ Kesha music that I had familiarized myself with, and I really enjoyed hearing her voice more raw and powerful. It was good timing for Kesha, being in the middle of her huge case with Dr. Luke. I’d like to think the song gave her motivation and purpose, because that’s what it does to me.

Florence + The Machine working with Lady Gaga

The song is going to be called “Hey Girl” and I’m really excited to hear the two work together. I’m also wondering what direction Gaga will take the lyrics. It could either be a testament to her bisexuality, or perhaps just a girls-supporting-girls song but I am here for it either way.


Captain America: Civil War

Honestly, the Russo brothers keep covering up for what I consider Joss Whedon’s most idiotic mistakes- this time, Age of Ultron. That movie was just bad, in my opinion. Civil War lets us almost completely forget that mess and gives us action, consistent characterization, heartfelt moments mixed with comedy, and with one tiny exception, it was amazing.

Finding Dory

It was a good movie, but it felt too outrageous. There are just too much happening, it was too fast, and parts that were gut wrenchingly hilarious to others just made me chuckle. I liked it, but not as much as I was hoping to. I think maybe it’s because of the over-the-top ‘stunts’, or maybe because it was more dramatic than it was steadily heartfelt. Or maybe, I’m just growing out of Pixar films.

Video Games

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

If I thought the P.T-esque demo of RE7 was scary, I was not prepared for the trailer to come out. Supposedly, they are moving back to the genre survival horror, leaving the more recent shoot ’em up Resident Evils in the dust. It looks like you will be doing a lot of hiding, and that the “zombies” of the game are going to be more intelligent than ever. My poor heart won’t be able to take it with their improving graphics. The first game is playable nowadays because it’s twenty years old and so the graphics don’t make me want to wet myself. This game? Maybe.

The Evil Within

I bought this game at GameStop, brought it home, played about ten minutes and decided I could not do this. I panic under pressure. Instead I decided to take it home to my younger sister, who has been playing on hard and doing fantastic. The gameplay is interesting, using different kinds of weapons and going into a different reality for upgrades, but there’s so much of it that is echoing Silent Hill and Resident Evil that I’m itching to find out what really makes it different. The plot could honestly make or break my opinion of it, but it’s a fun game nevertheless.