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August 2017

The Verge Interview

August 15th, 2017

The Verge and I are piled up onto a couch in one of Exit/In’s back rooms, which is lined on one side with a mirror, and my voice recorder is on the table in the middle of us. The first thing I notice about them as a group is how comfortable they are with each other; Nick has purposefully knocked Rachael’s water bottle over at least four times since I walked into the venue and there is always something to laugh about. The second thing I notice is how comfortable they make me feel. I talk easily to them, which is surprising since I have only seen them once before in May. But just like during that performance, their energy is infectious and they continue to draw my interest.



This is The Verge:

Verge 2
(Not my photo!)

Rachael Horner – lead vocals and Harry Potter buff

Nick Lampers – lead guitar and definitely not a hipster

Jake Lunn – bass player and newlywed

Bobby Newman – guitar, vocals, and pizza whore

Garrett Mcneil – drums and new guy

They are playing Nashville Undiscovered that night, and I ask if they feel “undiscovered.” It’s a quick and unanimous yes. They consider themselves part of the punk scene of Nashville that doesn’t get enough attention, and that means they are still under the radar. But they want people to know that they’re a serious band whose only goal is to make it work by doing what they love. Their current lineup is less than a year old, but Garrett tells me he feels confident about the group. Everyone laughs, since he joined in April.

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Avanti Interview

Earlier this year, when I was following The Nearly Deads, I saw a band called Avanti (which means ‘forward’) perform in Newport. Everything about this band surprised me, and out of two weeks of travel I didn’t see a better local band on the road. I fell in love with them immediately – they get bonus points for being so friendly too! I would say that it’s hard to find really talented bands in the post-hardcore / metalcore genre, and the fact that they were female fronted was a game changer for me as a listener.

I reached out to talk to their lead singer, Jasmyne about the band and what they’re up to!

If you’re in the Cincinnati area, I suggest you keep an eye out!

Recommended song: “Better Off Without”

What are everyone’s day jobs?

Our bassist (Kerry Brooks) and rhythm guitarist (Delilah Witt) both work at Amazon as warehouse associates in different buildings. Everyone in Avanti (except our lead guitarist) has worked at Amazon at some point. Our drummer (Cody Baxter) works third shift at a place called Senior Star. He is ground security and does maintenance when needed. Our lead guitarist (Cameron Gulley) works at P&G as a plastics engineer and gets to travel to places like Germany, Paris, Brazil, Mexico, etc. I, the lead singer (Jasmyne England) am a tattoo artist and work at a shop called Doll Star Tattoo.

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